Seven Things Print Buyers Should Expect from Printers

The mission of a good printer should be to find ways it can contribute to the economic well-being of their clients and help them make a difference through print. Print buyers should come to expect that kind of service from all printers but in reality, not all of them can or will provide it. So how do know if a printer is able to offer value to their customers? These are 7 areas that printer’s should incorporate into their business in order to satisfy the expectations of the customer.
Certification: Find out if the company offering the printing services is certified and what legitimacy that certification carries. That certification will ensure a level of quality and give you peace of mind.

Prompt turnaround time: You have deadlines that need to be met so your print service provider needs to be able to meet even the tightest deadlines. Try to find out about the relationships a printer has with paper mills to judge what their paper availability may be during downturns.

Fulfillment services: Being able to rely on your printer for fulfillment services allows you to focus on your core competencies.

Industry Expertise: You may not always know the best solution for your printing needs but your printing provider should. Do your homework to find a printer with a proven track record that spans over a length of time.

Financial Stability: You can expect a printer with financial stability to be able to keep up-to-date technology in their manufacturing process.

Flexibility: How many times do the details of a project stay the exact same from beginning to end? Dates and quantities are bound to change so demand that the printing service provider to be able to adapt and react to your needs.

Relationship building practices: Expect your printing partner to treat you like family and not just another name on the job order because you want someone that cares for your product as much as you do! Building a relationship based on trust will allow for open, honest discussion that digs down to the root of the problem in search of the best solution for the customer.
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