Paper & Ink
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Paper & Ink

We are in an industry that has a responsibility to our environment—and you’ll be happy to know we are committed to providing high-quality printing that is environmentally green.

Specialty and Vegetable Inks
Our commitment to environmentally-friendly printing practices means we’ve reduced VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions through the use of vegetable-based inks rather than traditional petroleum-based inks.
Our non-toxic, water-based aqueous coatings are 100% biodegradable. This finish, which we recommend, not only allows the product to withstand scuffing but allows unused pieces to be recycled.

Much of our house stock contains 10% post-consumer recycled content.

Green Processes
Our waste paper and printing plates are recycled. We recycle our solvents and employ chemical recycling strategies that reduce hazardous waste streams. We also significantly reduce paper waste in printing and binding operations through greater efficiencies and updated equipment.