The Benefit of Business Cards

BusinessCard3SteveWoodsStockWhen it comes to networking, nothing has been more common than the business card exchange. It is always a necessary ending to a conversation. “It was great meeting you, do you have a card?” Some may say digital is taking over, but there is something professional and evergreen about the passing of a crisping business card.

Boston Globe reported why the business card will remain to stay for years to come.

  1. It’s faster than pulling out a phone and adding in a new contact.
  2. Reminds networkers of who they met and the company they are tied to.
  3. Shows your creativity on paper, whether it is the color schemes or design you use for the card.
  4. Some places hold raffles based on business card drawings.
  5. Offers greater control of who you give your contact information to.

Throughout the years the business card has changed and now includes Twitter handles, QR readers and some are even becoming three-dimensional. Regardless, the convenience and simplicity of business cards keep them, and printing companies going strong.

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