6 Signs that your Brand and Consumer are Consistent

With Superbowl weekend coming upon us, marketers have been trying to distinguish their brands to show why you should purchase their products. The most popular method? Superbowl commercials. But crafting humorous or witty commercials does little to actually connect your consumers to your brand. Sure, they recognize the brand, but are they going to seek it out and spend money on it?

On one side you have consumers who are loyal to a brand but don’t spend a lot of money on it. Or you have a heavy spender who spends the money but isn’t loyal to one brand.

We wanted to share 6 signs that the brand and the consumer are consistent, from Branding Strategy Insider.

  1. Consistency- The consumer is purchasing your brand for the same reasons each time.
  2. Openness- The brand is not hiding anything from the consumer, and vice versa.
  3. Surprise- There’s always something interesting on the horizon.
  4. Confidence- The consumer believes in your brand.
  5. Value- Consumers feel like the brand delivers what it promises to them.
  6. Endorsement- they are sharing your brand with fellow consumers.

You want consumers to remember your brand for the values that you stand for. So while humorous Superbowl commercials catch attention, are they gaining the right audience that you are targeting?

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