4 Tips to Turn a “No” into a Yes

INC shared a recent article based on the book by Tom Hopkins “When Buyers Say No.”  The book shares essential sales strategies that aim to help salespeople get past the first hurdle: No.

At the sound of “No,” many sales experiences end there. The salesperson is worried that they will turn off the buyer with persistence, but the truth is that “No” is just the beginning.


Here are four tips to turn “No” into “Yes.”

1. Saying “No” is not the end of the line.

Research shows that it takes people up to five times of saying no before they say yes. They just need to consider it more. Decisions are based on emotional responses, so less energy is involved with simply saying no. By repeatedly stimulating your audience with your information, they are more willing to put thought into a decision.

2. Did you make one of these mistakes?

  • You didn’t focus on the benefits the buyer would receive.
  • You rushed your buyer and didn’t give them time to ponder their decision.
  • There could be an unrelated circumstance that is causing the buyer to say no. Therefore you need to work with them to get past it.

3. Become interested in your buyer’s answer.

Why did they say no? By understanding their motives you can work together to find a better solution that could lead to a sale.

4. Circle back and check your mistakes.

  • If they say no because they don’t understand, review information.
  • If they say no because they were rushed, allow a broader timeline.
  • If they say no because of another circumstance, use creativity.

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